Bonds made in a form of a circle

I’ve found this love…

And I’m not letting go.

It’s what I live for in the mornings, as I sip on coffee or tea.

The newspaper unfolds and my day has begun.

The children are sleep and my love is wrapped inside her blanket.

Her warmth, her skin, her grace and heart.

From the beginning and even now I’m puzzled by this work of art.

God has spoken and she is truly an amazement to me.

I want to get lost with her in a maze filled with our love.

Watch as the sun sets up above.

Pick a tree as we indulge in a picnic of sorts.

With each day we live it’s like a box of chocolates.


Yet sweet and filled with savory goodness.



Everlasting love…

Afraid to close my eyes, I want to spend every breathing second embracing, learning and building our love.

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    1. neseknows says:

      Thank you very much!

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