A Star is born

June 13th…

A sudden supernova occurs.

Causing a burst of energy to be released.

From the ashes and dust another star is procreated.

How will it change the world as we know?

Will dreams be created?

Will goals be achieved?

Should lives be changed because of it positively?

This is no ordinary star.

Dwarf to be exact in layman terms.

Not even an expert can describe this anomaly.

What truly matters is the task at hand.

I want to thank the big man upstairs for giving me life.

Breathing soul into my body with the highest power.

I want to thank my beautiful Mother and Father.

Teaching me along the way on this road called life.

I want to thank my wife and children.

Growing, molding and learning with me along the way.

I want to thank everyone around me.

A star can be born but do I have what it takes to defy gravity and go above and beyond the sky.

As people look up to me for wisdom and hope.

This is what I plan to give as I grow old.

June 13th…

A star continues to grow…

One Comment Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Awesome handsome beautiful words in wisdom/knowledge keep aiming for beyond to reach your goal destiny,love my son


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