Demonic Calendar

Tell me you love me…

Hidden between this factory is a story untold.

The smell of fish and shrimp is in the air.

Yet a strong euphoric scent has masked the diabolical smell.

This man… this scent, I refuse to let go.

I shall conquer him until he’s mine to unfold.

Our paths meet and the feeling of infatuation is mutual.

Tell me you love me…

A seed has been planted and it’s time to make a choice.

Walk a path of love, or continue the pursuit of a dream.

The seed is here, a pencil and paint brush has been replaced with working boots.

As I stomp through the valley, my feet paint a path of red, white and blue.

Love was chosen, yet darkness has filled the world.

Infidelity and sorrow has come to existence.

Love has been replaced with an ego and satanic existence.

Hearts are broken, so has a bond that was filled with trust.

Tell me you love me…

A will to carry on and forget about the past.

A strength from within.

Four years have passed and two seeds have been yielded.

My love for him has not faltered, even through thick and thin.

Infidelity, darkness and lust is still in the air.

Shall I pack my bags or hope that love will prevail?

Tell me you love me…

Tell me how this story will unfold…

Tell me everything will change…

Tell me how the darkness and infidelity were let go…

Tell me…. tell me how this story will end.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. sophiaekanem says:

    The different stages of love depicted here… Beautiful. Especially loved the repetition of the phrase, tell me you love me ooh and the title was catchy.
    Well done.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. neseknows says:

      Thank you, I really appreciate your kind words!


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