75 North

Driving down the highway and it has been a long day

of work. Tomas and I are headed home, we haven’t

even had time to eat all day. As I put the peddle to the

metal, I shift into the left lane (everyone knows that’s

the fast lane) to scurry home to my wife and children.

From afar you can see the sun is beginning to set as the

sky turns a vibrant pink color. Tomas is joking loudly

about how he’s going to grab a case of beer once he

gets home. Myself on the other hand… I just want to

enjoy my families warmth and love. Tomas and I are

sharing a vehicle for the time being, since mine is in

the shop. Once I arrive home, he will head back south

and head home to enjoy his old dog and beers.

Suddenly I feel a sense of pressure behind my head,

piercing deeply heading towards the front of it.

“Tomas, I think I’m getting a migraine. Would you like

to drive the rest of the way?” Silence… silence is heard

as I turn my head to the right to see what has gotten

him all choked up. His face is pale as if he’s seen a

ghost. Still as stone as if medusa has locked eyes with

his corpse. In disbelief I begin to slow down, “Keep

your dam foot on the gas, says Tomas!” Shocked and

confused I peek into the rearview mirror to see

something of terror… That’s the moment I’ll never

forget, my first encounter with a Tygrus!!!

The only way I can describe this creature is that it

has four legs, a bit bigger than a horse with a humans

face! That’s not even the worse part, there’s more than

one and they’re moving faster than most of the cars. It

seems as if they’re running from a wildfire, no wait!

It’s as if the ground is opening up and sucking

everything in its path up in flames. One of the

creatures begin to ram against the car, causing it

to move sideways into a sporadic frenzy. Tomas is

yelling at me to turn around for his dog, I’m screaming

at the top of my lungs that we must get to my family

before these creatures or hellacious flames do.

Suddenly the creature hits the car once more and the

car flips over… As I open my eyes, I can hear Tomas

screaming in agony. One of the creatures is staring at

me from close quarters and examining the wreckage.

The creature proceeds forward coming near me in an

aggressive fashion. Laying on the ground defenseless I

have no other choice but to accept my fate. “Lick, lick,

lick”. That’s the only thing I can feel on my face. The

creature throws me up on it’s back and something

weird happens. Mentally I can hear a voice telling me,

“let’s get you home master and all stitched up”. There’s

no way this thing is speaking to me. I can no longer

hear Tomas quivering in agony. As I look over in the

distance his way, I can see him now standing on his

feet. “We aren’t going anywhere but below, the time

has come, says Tomas”. Tomas sprints over like a

vicious dog but the creature spews out a lava like

substance blocking his way, all of this commotion

becomes overwhelming as I past out…

Gabriel… Gabriel… wake up Gabriel! As I open my eyes

I can’t help but wonder what’s in store for me. My

name is Gabriel and this is the beginning of my story.

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