Tell me… is it true, do we really have this euphoric connection?

We started off as friends but with each day that passes our chemistry begins to blend like a tea on a breezy summer day.

Could we really mix together and coexist in a world that wasn’t made for you and I?

You seek a man that can point out things that aren’t obvious about you.

I can see through you as if I’m wearing x-ray vision.

Pinpoint every pro and con and dissect it all as my mind begins to race in awe.

A spark has triggered in my brain and I refuse to let go.

Every corner I cross all I can hear is, NO.

My heart is red like a stop sign… yet my thoughts are blue like the ocean.

I feel suffocated in both, trying to find a release or glimpse of hope.

This world we live in can only be survived by the strongest; even though I want you it’ll only begin to make me weak.

Being alone has built me up, and this planet still has so much in store for me.

I’m in a crossroad and I cant figure out which path to take…

I’ll sit there with my emergency lights on until I’m guided by fate…

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