Revelation vol.2



Awaken, eyes closed to the noise.

Tunnel vision as the world continues to move.

No longer a tool used to hurt or play with.

Tomorrow is the final day here.

Doomsday hidden in my mind.

As my soul explodes out of the back of my skull.

Trapped, trying to escape the suffocation of meds and vomit.

Strangled as the rope gets tighter around my esophagus.

Scenarios, that have been sketched out like a detective at a crime scene.

Tomorrow is the final day here.

What is feared, is the letter that needs to be written for family and friends.

Walking a path with tunnel vision home.

Suddenly a ray of light zooms in.

What’s this?

A letter has fallen beneath my feet.

Opened… “Don’t accept defeat”.

Is this an angel or a demon playing with my mind.

As my tunnel vision subsides, I look to my left and to my right.

Two egos begin to collide.

Clashing back and forth!

“End it all” “Find your self worth”

“Erase the memories with one bullet” “Hope and opportunity, please don’t be foolish”.

Darkness begins to deplete, as the light continues to shine.

A thunderous voice shouts out “this isn’t your time”.

There I lay, with police and an ambulance in the near distance of me.

Caught in the crossfire of a robbery. They almost robbed me of my life, it should he mine to take.

As self realization kicks in… I’m such a fool, I have a second chance.

This goes out to all the boys and girls, don’t give up the fight continue to yearn.

Yearn for a day, that the pain will subside. Find a silver lining and continue to prevail. Talk to someone about the pain, don’t fear embarrassment or despair. We all struggle when the sun goes down, others need an ear or voice to push on.



Awaken we are…

Now go! Pay it forward and find your way because I’m watching and won’t let you fall.


Suicide is something that we all have either heard of or experienced ourself. There’s so many choices we can make in life, but if we end it there’s no promise the choices after the fact will be better. Find someone to talk to or even look up tips online. Remember you’re beautiful, you’re worth every second of your life!

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