Tell me child, what do you see?

Open your eyes and let this fear subside.

The tides of darkness can only turn for so long.

It’s time you face your fears and stop breathing underneath those sheets.

I’ve mastered the art of provoking my subjects to lay still in bed like a mannequin.

The time has come for a new boogie man to take my place.

Placed at the foot of your bed are keys to break free from this asylum.

All you have to do is break free…

“Doctor, subject A has been like this all day”.

There stood a young man being bounded with a straight jacket.

“What’s his name?”

The young man goes by many names, Jason, Freddy even Chucky…

It all depends on which entity has possessed his effigy.

Suddenly the door opens, and his jacket slips off his torso.

Doctors scream in terror as sirens have been triggered.

The young man closes his eyes, as he hears one thing.

“How would you like your coffee today, sir?”

Eyes Wide Open he exclaims- “Dark, simply dark”.

Smiling micheviously.

Walking out the door, vividly free.

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