Who is this man that stares behind the mirror?

Smiling from the outside, yet covered with terror.

With one glance, my mind begins to express furor thoughts.

Hoping the glass will shatter into a million pieces.

As I visualize my next move, mountains begin to shake.

Chess pieces have been in motion.

A stalemate has been the outcome.

Who is this man staring back at me in the mirror?

Has my fate really been sealed, or can I still write the pages with my own destiny?

Broken thoughts, terrible decisions, disfigured dimension.

This man is me.

This man is you.

This man is us.

This man is gone…

A New day has arised, the new man takes place.

Everyday is new, we’re given a clean slate.

To clean up the past and create a better future….

So stop for a second, and don’t always judge the man in the mirror.

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